Natural Coffee Rum Spirit Drink


Smooth, rich coffee with an everlasting taste. Hudnott’s Coffee Rum is concocted by hand-blending rum, coffee, vanilla and sugar.

Hudnott’s Coffee Rum can be enjoyed on it’s own or over ice. For a longer lasting taste, Hudnott’s Coffee Rum goes well with ice cold milk.

Create a smooth finish by combining Hudnott’s Coffee Rum with cream.

For a delicious winter warmer, add Hudnott’s Coffee Rum to hot chocolate.

Why not try pouring your favourite Hudnott’s over ice-cream for an after dinner treat.

Delivery method is 2nd Class (3 – 5 working days). If you would like an alternative please get in touch.

The alcohol percentage volume varies per batch (20 – 24%)

Dimensions: 62mm x 62mm x 200mm

Weight: 600g

Due to the nature of this product there may be some sediment.

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