Hudnott’s Article in Exmoor Magazine Winter Edition #3

Kate’s original concept for Hudnott’s was to focus heavily on the simple, organic nature of the product, thinking she may be able to forage at least some ingredients and keep everything to a homespun, brass-tacks level. The reality is that foraging from hedgerows and selling on to the public is a problematic area legally and Kate has been advised she can’t use just any foraged berries in her drinks, so she currently has to buy her fruit in. Turning a cottage-industry dream into a reality invariably involves roadhumps along the way; it is economically unviable at this point to pursue organic status due to the costliness of the process and a further stumbling block was an unfortunate experience when plans fell through with a branding company she had decided to work with, leaving her considerably out of pocket.

These botherations did not eclipse Kate’s original passion though. She had new labels designed and trooped on with vibrant detemination; Hudnott’s is an authentic, one-woman show. Whether it is sourcing ingredients and all aspects of the making process, or accounts, marketing, bottling, wax stamping, labelling and market-trading – Kate does it all. In addition, she works part time for a local signwriter and cares for a dog and two ferrets – Kate is a dedicated ferret-freak.

Mel Roach, Exmoor Magazine Issue No.77 Winter 2016.